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Category Archives: Geeking out at work

Reading Richard Feynman: On curiosity, learning and selfishness

Richard Feynman was a problem-solver. He got to be a problem solver by tinkering, and he tinkered because he was curious. Moreover, his parents encouraged his curiosity. In that video up there (it's well worth 50 minutes of your time, by the way), he discusses learning about inertia. He noticed the funny way a ball […]


Cressey Performance

One of the cool new things I've found at work in reading fitness blogs and seeing what's up in the industry is a blog by Eric Cressey, who runs Cressey Performance, a Boston training center. Cressey Performance is known for training pro (and, I imagine college and amateur) baseball players – particularly pitchers – and […]

Geeking out at work: Bar codes

I wrote the other day about QR codes, primarily because I'm starting to use them. But in general, bar codes and bar code scanning have me a little too giddy for my own good. Mostly what happened is one day at work, someone said, "Hey, I heard you can read this thing on a cell […]

Geeking out at work: Shelving and racking

I know I'm in deep at work. We took a trip to Home Depot for a doorknob, some fertilizer, some charcoal and a few other household goods, and I couldn't quit looking at the shelving. Essentially, the material handling industry is about moving stuff and storing stuff. And the Home Depots and Lowes and BJ's […]