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A season with Early Morning Farm’s CSA

Last night I stopped by my local drop point and picked up our final three-quarter bushel box of vegetables from Early Morning Farm (EMF). A farm share is an investment, but this definitely turned out worth it. If you're not familiar with farm shares, here's the deal. You sign up for the season, and you […]


What do you have? What do you need?

I had a moment on Wednesday night. Maybe it was more of a Moment. I don't know where it came from. I'm sure it has a little to do with the stuff I've been reading lately, but not a lot. I'm learning important things from some of it, but I haven't acted on a lot […]

Back to training

I'm getting back to training this afternoon. I've been shooting for numbers at different points during the year and keep hitting setbacks (the last time I started, for instance, I was making some awesome progress, but my trainer was fired and I couldn't bring myself to do it on my own). Typically, having specific, data-driven […]

Come join my FIT-traxx class!

Beginning next week, I'll be coaching a great program called FIT-traxx. The gym brought the program in at the beginning of the year, and after taking a class, I liked it so much I wanted to coach it. So I am. I'm leading a demo class tonight at 5pm at the Dewitt Gold's Gym. You […]

Checking in: Weight Loss Goal

Back in the beginning of the year, I made a plan to hit a weight loss goal of 15.4 pounds by March 1, which comes to an average of 1.8 pounds per week, or, even more accurately, 0.252 pounds per day over 61 days. I'm pacing a little short, and by a little, I mean […]

How I’m going to reach my 2012 weight loss goal

The first time I weighed in during 2011 I weighed 170.8 pounds. The first time I weighed in during 2012 (which was around 5:30 in the morning on New Year's Day), I weighed 160.4 pounds. OK, I get it, 10 pounds in a year is good. But I'm not happy with that, especially since I […]

Schedule you

Found at 407 I've been happily following Beth's return to blogging this month, and saying "I really should get back to that, too." I had a great start to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for you nerds and search engines out there (hi, Google!)), but gave it up to do things like sleep, eat and […]

American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure

Yesterday, a few of us from Civic Engagement volunteered at the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure. Diabetes isn't one of my primary causes, but my employer is a national sponsor, so I had easy access to the organizers. This is a really great event. Rather than a "simple" run or walk or ride, it's […]

[ stability ] + [ passion ]

I'm not one for resolutions. Well, I was last year and year before, but it turns out I didn't look back on them at all, make the goals and track them. So I'm looking at this young calendar year, and figuring out what it's going to be. 2010 was a year of upheaval – and […]

Bringing out the big guns

OK, still haven't donated to the Give thanks. Walk.? Watch the video, then read the standard fare below, taking appropriate action. Thanks Jason has put a ton of effort into organizing a team for this walk, so I'm asking that you donate to his page. If for some reason you'd rather my name be on […]