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Saying thanks: Wedding vendors

It's now under three months until my wedding. We've been blessed in this process by having talented friends and family who we love and who love us. Only our flower vendor (whom I'll also mention here) was a stranger at the start of our process. As you plan your events, we recommend everybody here. Tell […]


Happy birthday to me

As of today, I've concluded my thirty-seventh year on the planet. I thought hard about doing one of those lessons I've learned ebooks, but I recently read Stuart Firestein's Ignorance: How it drives science, and I realize that it's not the wisdom I've garnered over the years that's important, it's the wisdom I don't yet […]

A(nother) return to blogging, with rules

It's not so much that I've taken the summer off from blogging. It wasn't a planned hiatus or anything. I've busied myself with learning to run, learning to golf, reading (27 books this year and counting – not a 52-in-52 pace, but a book every 10 days), beginning to plan a wedding and continuing the […]

Welcoming 2013

If you're reading this, the world didn't end Dec. 21 (I'm writing this ahead of time, just in case). I said last year that I was going to do two things: be more patient and get more face-to-face time with people. The more patient thing definitely happened. The face-to-face time thing, not so much, but […]

In defense of 4 a.m.

Yep, it happened. @jbbusch referred to "last night" and I referred to "tonight," and we meant the same night. #earlyshift #overnightshift — Josh Shear (@JoshShear) December 17, 2012 I used to get up early. Really early. 4:30 or so. Now I'm just going to bed at that hour. And I have to say I'm loving […]

Saying goodbye to Gold’s: Lessons from managing in the fitness industry

Today is my final day working with the amazing team at Gold's Gym here in the Syracuse area; while we are two clubs, most of my time has been at the Dewitt location, where I joined as a member in 2005, before I went to work there in September of 2010. I've worked with some […]

Happy birthday to me

Today I enter my 36th year on the planet. At least in this incarnation; depends on your beliefs in that. Whatever, this is something of an existential post, but not that much. Here are 12 things I'm going to do during the next year. 1. Read. I have a growing list, and I'm actually keeping […]

On passion, luck and fucking uselessness

I'm one lucky sonofabitch. You know, one of the things that has come from the Internet is a whole bunch of people telling you to find your passion, then follow it. I'm lucky in that I already know what my passion is. I'm a writer. I write because I have to. Seriously. If I'm not […]

What do you have? What do you need?

I had a moment on Wednesday night. Maybe it was more of a Moment. I don't know where it came from. I'm sure it has a little to do with the stuff I've been reading lately, but not a lot. I'm learning important things from some of it, but I haven't acted on a lot […]

Publishing on a schedule

I've blogged every weekday for the past month. It's definitely a way to get the juices flowing, but to be honest, it's hard to do great work every single day. Especially when I'm working a day job, enjoying my family, getting some rec sports in, pummeling two to three workouts a week, and doing whatever […]