The truth about media bias and what you should consider when listening to criticism of media

I've noticed a lot of stuff lately, particularly on Facebook, but also people talking to each other in public, about media bias. Usually this is jibes aimed at "liberal" media, but it goes both ways — certainly you've seen postings about "Faux News Channel"? Some of this comes from the politically correct "cry-bully" movement — […]

The president is doing podcasts; what does the future hold for the medium?

Folks! Today is @POTUS day on! He’s the President! Good talk! Do it up! — WTF with Marc Maron (@WTFpod) June 22, 2015 You probably heard that President Barack Obama appeared on comedian Marc Maron's podcast, WTF, about a week and a half ago (photos). It wasn't the first time he's done a […]

Savannah social media successes, so far

Well, we've been in Savannah almost two months now, and we've had some good experiences with some businesses doing social media well. Let's start with this one: Trying the local sports pub. solid standard IPA - Drinking a Wrought Iron IPA at @rachaels1190 - — Josh Shear (@JoshShear) December 21, 2014 I went over […]

Technology, and journalism as art

Ed. note, disclosures &c — I work for Advance Digital, whose network includes several newspaper-partnered websites I mention here. All opinions are mine and not endorsed by my employer [full list of associated properties]. Any information about the company and its affiliates given here has already been public knowledge. Let's start this off by talking […]

Where is news headed now?

You probably missed 'Hi and Lois' on Monday. Go ahead, click on it, I'll wait the 20 seconds. Welcome back. The fact is, more newspapers are, in fact, stopping print publication, or severely decreasing it. I'm working in media again now, after almost three years out of the industry, and online-only or primarily-online is much […]

Transparency vs. objectivity in journalism

Poynter has a really good piece up this week about Nate Silver and the future of bloggers as journalists (OK, so I oversold that a little, but still, that's sort of the gist). Silver, as you probably know, predicted a landslide for President Obama in the electoral vote in this year's election. While news media […]