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“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

I finally saw "Breakfast at Tiffany's" over the weekend. [Go ahead, take the few minutes you need to get over the shock, do your laughing, whatever you need. I'll wait.] I've never read Truman Capote's novella on which the film was based (I'd wait for the shock here, but I'd bet less than half of […]


Backing Salmonboy

One night, New York City-based experimental filmmaker Star Drooker had a dream about a woman with a birth mark in the middle of her forehead. The next morning, he drove to Vermont, and met Trish Overstreet. Within 24 hours they had decided they would get married, open a vegetarian cafe and performance space, have a […]

Press Release: E.T. & Jaws double feature at the Palace

PRESS RELEASE for Friday November 18th. What: BREW & VIEW 35mm Film Series Steven Spielberg double Feature of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial & Jaws BREW & VIEW 35mm Film series is presented by AmeriCU Credit Union and SIFF Cost: $10/ all ages for movies/ 21+ with valid ID for Alcohol When: Friday November 18th. Doors open […]

Brew & View Muscle Car Night: American Graffiti and The Wraith

What: "BREW & VIEW" 35mm Film Series presents a 35mm Muscle car double feature of: AMERICAN GRAFFITI THE WRAITH Plus local Syracuse Grindcore band ED GEIN will be hanging out promoting their new album which features a single dedicated to the film THE WRAITH. When: Sunday November 21st at 7:00 pm. First movie at 7:30pm […]

Press Release: Brew & View presents ‘Survival of the Dead’ and ‘Rec 2′

BREW & VIEW 35mm Film Series, CLOUD CITY COMICS & SYR FILM present a one night only 35mm double feature screening of: "SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD" - George Romero's latest Living Dead installment "REC 2" - Highly anticipated Spanish Horror sequel of "REC" - (American Re-Make called QUARANTINE) Both films are in very limited release […]

Movie Review: Sex and the City 2 (spoilers)

I was a big fan of the Sex and the City TV series. It was fun, it was women-positive, it was sex-positive, and sometimes, it even dealt with real issues, like cancer, divorce and gay marriage. And while it was serialized, you could pick up in the middle and play along and still have a […]

2010 Shaun Luu Horror Fest

I got this press release regarding the 2010 Shaun Luu Horror Fest, which will raise money for Golisano Children's Hospital and the Westcott Community Center. Last year, the festival kicked off a successful $10,000 campaign to raise money for a nursing station at Golisano Children's Hospital. Hopefully you'll be able to get out and support […]

Saturday Night Fever

I finally saw Saturday Night Fever, and was surprised to find that while the music and dancing certainly played a central role in the film, the movie was so much more about class, race, religion and sex in the 1970s than it was about the music. For a movie to take on rape, abortion, quitting […]

Movie Review: Star Trek

I've never heard of these guys before, but that's a pretty cool review. Yeah, I saw the new Star Trek movie on opening weekend. So? I was never what you'd call a fan. I enjoyed reruns on TV of the original series (which, famous as it was, only ran from 1966-1969), hated the following series. […]

Movie review: Choke (semi-spoilers)

] We saw Choke on Saturday. This was the book that got me hooked on Chuck Palahniuk. David Fincher did such an awesome job with Fight Club, though the box office draw for it was low. So Clark Gregg had quite a challenge ahead of him: do artistic justice to a really good, but really […]