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Books: “The Holy or the Broken: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley & the Unlikely Ascent of ‘Hallelujah’” by Alan Light

How many times have you heard a song and said, "I wish I'd written that"? With me it doesn't happen very often; sure, the royalties on "Call Me Maybe" must be off the charts, but I rarely hear a song I think is clever and moving enough to wonder what was in the writer to […]


What do you have to offer your heroes?

You can let that video run while you read this; it's primarily audio. To sum up so you don't have to check for the visual cues to figure out what's going on, Usman Riaz is a 21-year-old percussive guitarist. He plays the first song. He learned the art by watching YouTube videos of one of […]

Who are your favorite writers? Why?

My favorite writers are songwriters. This is, in no small part, because I am also a songwriter (and I've dabbled in performance poetry). When I sit down to write or edit, I either have Mozart in my ears (I have a CD with his 40th and 41st symphonies on it that has irretrievably increased my […]

Rainy Day Music


I kinda like this tune and really dig this animation. I need to do a little more exploring. It helps with the whole perspective thing. [buy mp3]


I'm off-grid at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival this weekend. Here are 10 songs with no particular reason other than I like them (just happens I must be in a male songwriter mood, I guess). Also, check out some of Mike Dobbs's favorites. 1. Tom Waits, "Step Right Up" (With tuning!) 2. Michael Franti & […]

2010 Shaun Luu Horror Fest

I got this press release regarding the 2010 Shaun Luu Horror Fest, which will raise money for Golisano Children's Hospital and the Westcott Community Center. Last year, the festival kicked off a successful $10,000 campaign to raise money for a nursing station at Golisano Children's Hospital. Hopefully you'll be able to get out and support […]

The truth: The Internet is a great big rumor mill

I tend to check Google Trends in the morning. It's one of the things I do in terms of a morning coffee ritual when I get to work. For those not familiar, it's a list of the things people are searching for on Google; typically it's updated every hour or so, but sometimes it goes […]

Thank YOU for 2009, and happy 2010

Two songs to end 2009. 1. Auld Lang Syne. Robert Burns wrote this in 1788. I'm not really sure how it became a New Year's tune, but the lyrics speak to friendships across time and space. It's traditionally sung slowly, almost mournfully, as Dougie MacLean sings it here. The final verse is about raising a […]

Book review: The Protest Singer

Too many books have been written about me, at too great length. What's needed is a book that can be read in one sitting. Alec Wilkinson writes that he was worried Pete Seeger would not agree to another biography, so when the folk icon told him to write something brief and readable, Wilkinson must have […]