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Six of weeks of listening on Twitter: What I learned

My last Tweet was a share of launching a Twitter listening experiment back on February 19. I haven't sent out a Tweet in six weeks, then. I have responded to a couple of direct messages, but nothing any of you all would see. My thinking was, "I spend an awful lot of time on Twitter, […]


A Twitter listening experiment

It's finally happened for me. Or maybe it happened a long time ago and I'm just realizing it now. Twitter has become a giant time suck for me. I check it without purpose, just to see if anybody's said anything interesting. I write stuff here and there, and, in general, I've been following about a […]

A week with Google+

Note: Yes, I have some Google+ invites available. Get in touch if you're lacking. After trying to enter the social market ineffectively with Wave and Buzz, Google is trying something new this year: Google+ (g+). On its surface, g+ looks like a cleaner (interface) version of Facebook. It's primarily a news stream of people you […]

Turning around a customer using a Facebook-facetime combo

It was 10:30 on a Tuesday night when I got a notification that someone had posted on our Facebook wall – and he wasn't happy. Rather than respond right away, we discussed our response among management and slept on it, which led to a mildly productive exchange (blacked out boxes are the complainer's name, red […]

Got passion? Good. Worry about content, not production value

Check out this video from strength coach Zach Even Esh. It's him holding a camera, pointing it at himself and his stuff. He's half-in, half-out of the frame much of the time. If you get motion sickness, it probably hurts worse than The Blair Witch Project did. You know what, though? It's about Zach's passion, […]

Self-reflection via Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam is a new app from Hettema & Bergsten, currently in private beta. It pulls together links from your friends' Twitter accounts to cull popular trends so that you can just get down to it and see what multiple friends are talking about. » Follow @strawberryapp It also allows you to search on a […]

Crowdsourcing news coverage: Springfield, MA tornado

This video has an AP logo on it, but that's primarily because it was shot from a camera that happens to overlook the Connecticut River in a television newsroom. I don't think it's significantly different in quality than this one (other than the NSFW audio): We've heard a lot about the Joplin, MO, tornado over […]

Why I’m becoming a HootSuite affiliate

I've been using HootSuite for a couple of years now to manage multiple social media networks – multiple Twitter accounts, my Facebook page, LinkedIn and Foursquare. In addition to the multiple accounts, it allows you to schedule tweets, which I do daily for the Gold's Gym account I run, because it gives me the opportunity […]

Promoting vs. Engaging

There's a product I've been following the last couple of months, and, while I find it intriguing, I haven't tried it. It's called Fitness Coffee – a coffee meant to aid in weight loss (my best guess is there's some additive, probably natural or near-natural, designed to kick your metabolism into high gear). They're fairly […]

3 Social Media Books You Don’t Need to Read but Your Clients Do

If you're reading this blog, you probably fall into one of four categories: You're into social media in some way You're a Central New Yorker wondering when I'm going to start writing about Central New York again I've bought you coffee/a beer/lunch and you feel obligated We're related If it's the first or the third, […]