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Transparency vs. objectivity in journalism

Poynter has a really good piece up this week about Nate Silver and the future of bloggers as journalists (OK, so I oversold that a little, but still, that's sort of the gist). Silver, as you probably know, predicted a landslide for President Obama in the electoral vote in this year's election. While news media […]


The day after

It's a crisp but still 25 degrees out this morning, with a fuzzy crescent moon visible as the sky is lightening. The day after election day this year doesn't feel like a new era to me; in fact, it feels like a good time for leaders to sit down, light a fire, open a bottle […]

The issues important to me: Why I’m voting Green this year

Wherein a politician tells his 8-year-old son he plays piano in an opium den because he doesn't want the kid to know he's really in politics. Tuesday is election day here in the U.S. It's a day when a bunch of people puff up their chest and smile proudly about civic duty (though most of […]

Clay Shirky on transparent vs. participatory government

Pay attention to what Clay Shirky says here, because it's important. The commercial Internet is approaching 20 years of age. From an availability standpoint, it's a mature medium – there are few places in the world you can't access the Internet, and in the developed world, it is readily available to a large percentage of […]

I support gay marriage, and I am not a lustful cockmonster

I'm breaking from my publishing schedule to make sure you read this. Because it's fucking great. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo has come out in favor of a Maryland bill that would allow marriage equality in the state. Fair enough. Maryland legislator Emmett Burns sent a letter to Ayanbadejo's boss – the owner of the […]

Thinking about our upcoming election

As we head toward U.S. elections this fall, remember a few things: • Language is important. It's how we write laws, so it's also how we enforce and interpret those laws. How lawmakers (or potential lawmakers) say things does mean something. • Don't vote on a single issue. You could get your way and lose […]

The problem of dichotomy

I made a mention of Buy Nothing Day in a tweet – for the uninitiated, that's today in the U.S. and tomorrow in the rest of the world. In the U.S., it is "celebrated" (such as it is), alongside Black Friday, the first "official" shopping day of the Christmas season. When the person to whom […]

Reeher Window

When I was at Syracuse University, one of the things I did was to help put together a conference for the Center for Digital Literacy focusing on Democracy and the Internet. It was summer 2004, and Howard Dean was making waves in the online fundraising and organizing world, thanks in large part to Meetup. We […]

Don’t forget to vote

Heya. Checked your calendar lately? It's the first Tuesday following a Monday in November. That means it's election day. If you're in New York and need to know your polling place, punch in your information here. If you're outside of New York, or if you forget where exactly you're registered (renters who move frequently may […]

Public Comment Sought on Connective Corridor

I got this email from Marilyn Higgins at Syracuse University's Office of Community Engagement. It's edited for style and such, and I've de-linked the email addresses so you can copy and paste into your web-based email clients. *** Last Friday, the Syracuse Common Council held a committee meeting to look at the plans for the […]