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I was scrolling through my blog archives a bit and noticing that you can really tell what's going on in my life by what I'm writing. I know that sounds common, but I rarely use this space to diarize. Instead, I've used the space to give myself motivation by attempting to give you motivation. Those […]


Seek, but also offer, opportunities for redemption

I was out on the golf course for the first time this season with a friend. We're not good golfers. We enjoy the sun and the fresh air and the sound and feel of hitting a good shot, which, you know, comes occasionally. And sometimes that occasional good shot comes after pulling up on the […]

Becoming a Freemason

One of the more interesting and worthwhile endeavors I've undertaken recently is becoming a Freemason. I'll be raised to Master Mason (3rd degree, for those not in the know) on April 15 – any brothers reading are certainly welcome to visit for the degree ceremony (meeting at 7 p.m., Lodge details here and the usual […]

It’s spring; who’s ready to get outside?

We're starting to be able to get outside here in Central New York. It occurs to me that, with today being April 2, it hasn't actually been a longer winter than others, it's just been a little more brutal — no thaws to speak of, and extra cold. It also featured something (two things, depending […]

Some favorite places right now

I haven't done one of these in a while. In fact, my circumstances were different last time I did. Right now, my circumstances are such that the only place I really have to go is the grocery store. Since I work from home, I only leave the house if I want to go somewhere or […]

Reviewing 2013 and welcoming 2014, taking a right guid-willy-waught

I've had an amazing year of growth. I don't have anything to lay out on the table here and say, "I did this!" But 2014 is going to be the date on the end of a lot of hard work. Mostly, I think, I've done a lot on my way toward being a better, more […]

Christmas, from the outside

Honestly, this is one of a very few songs you might classify as a Christmas carol that doesn't make me want to gut an elf. It's really a song about Christmas, and I wouldn't switch the radio station if it were on in July. If you're celebrating today, happy Christmas. I've always preferred happy to […]

Learning management from Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin

I write a little thing every week about press conferences given by Southeast Conference (SEC) football coaches. For those not into the college football scene, the SEC is the top conference in the sport. One of its teams has won the national championship the past seven years; they have a shot this season but are […]

Listening: Public Radio Remix

Much of our entertainment is consumed passively, as a secondary resource. The average American household watches eight hours of television a day. My household is bringing that average up a lot of days. But "watching" is not necessarily true. Really, a television is on for eight hours a day in the average American household. Largely, […]

Collaboration, big ideas, and scientists

The word scientist was first uttered at a meeting of natural philosophers in 1833. This, of course, postdates Isaac Newton, Galileo and Francis Bacon. "Scientist" was proposed modeled upon "artist," because, if philosophers ask what questions and answers mean, natural philosophers would be armchair thinkers, discussing the world around us. If an artist performs art, […]