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Reeher Window

When I was at Syracuse University, one of the things I did was to help put together a conference for the Center for Digital Literacy focusing on Democracy and the Internet. It was summer 2004, and Howard Dean was making waves in the online fundraising and organizing world, thanks in large part to Meetup. We […]


Social Media Newbie Night and Conference

Here's an interesting event in Syracuse (press release). It's aimed at small business owners trying to find their way into social media (if you're well-established, this probably isn't for you). *** Have you attended the one and two hour social media sessions and find yourself wanting more? Have you been tweeting but not getting followers? […]

SEO 099: What you need to know before SEO 101

So you've got a business and you've got a website. You've heard about SEO. You've seen a zillion things called SEO 101 (OK, so more like 10.9 million – close enough to a zillion for me). But before actually undertaking the SEO 101 campaign of your choice, there are some things you need to know, […]

Link exchange? How about better SEO?

I won't lecture you on link exchanges and search engine optimization. Instead, I'll tell you one way to fish for more work (and possibly end the link exchange requests). I received this email the other day: Dear Webmaster, We sell health products at [a vitamin site] and are interested in exchanging links with your website. […]

Introducing the Maidel and the Faigel

I've been dying to introduce one of the simplest sites I've done in a long time because the content is just hysterical. After I did a little tweaking to aSweetPeace a little while back, I met Hinda Mandell, who recently approached me about creating a blog. We went back and forth on design ideas and […]