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Saying goodbye to Gold’s: Lessons from managing in the fitness industry

Today is my final day working with the amazing team at Gold's Gym here in the Syracuse area; while we are two clubs, most of my time has been at the Dewitt location, where I joined as a member in 2005, before I went to work there in September of 2010. I've worked with some […]


Stuff to help you start writing. Plus: Doing the work.

You may have noticed some all-of-a-sudden increased blogging around these parts the past few weeks. That's in no small part due to a couple of non-fiction books by Steven Pressfield, author of The Legend of Bagger Vance and others. Those books are Do the Work and Turning Pro. They're about getting over whatever the things […]

Come join my FIT-traxx class!

Beginning next week, I'll be coaching a great program called FIT-traxx. The gym brought the program in at the beginning of the year, and after taking a class, I liked it so much I wanted to coach it. So I am. I'm leading a demo class tonight at 5pm at the Dewitt Gold's Gym. You […]

Selling for your conscience instead of money

I met with some friends over brunch this weekend to discuss a website. She does handmade knitwear and has a large collection of vintage clothing that she wants to unload; he's money-conscious as they head into retirement, as you'd imagine anyone would responsibly be. My goal, since they're friends, I want to keep them that […]

Freelancer’s Lament: Be Clear With Deadlines

I put a fair number of proposals out there. Knowing that many come back for negotiation, others come back for long-term discussion, and some just don't come back, it does take a fair bit of planning ahead and organization. I woke up this morning (August 30) to a query email that said the full text […]

The White Board Resignation: Would You Hire ‘Jenny’?

Update, 7 a.m.: We learned this morning that the white board resignation was, indeed, a hoax. But because the viral campaign has some actual discussion value, I'm going to leave this post as I wrote it. You may have seen the series of photos yesterday of "Jenny" quitting her job via white board and email. […]

Your Take: Places to bring colleagues and clients

My post on places to bring colleagues and clients got a bunch of reaction on LinkedIn. I said Freedom of Espresso in Franklin Square, Edward Thomas, Alto Cinco, Al's and Burnet Park. Here was the LinkedIn response. [Note: After I created this post, more comments were added, so they didn't make it. Be sure to […]

Your Take: Bars to work at

My bars to work from were the Blue Tusk, Al's, Empire, the Limerick and Suds. Bob has some great ideas, too. Not sure how comfortable I'd be bringing my laptop to Dino, but I like Bull & Bear as a spot, and Alto Cinco is a nice spot. In comments, Greg added Clark's, which I […]

Your Take: Coffee Shops to Work From

The brief 5 places... series received a bunch of feedback. Wow! So now we're going to do your takes for the next few days. My 5 coffee shops to work from were Recess, Kubal, Funk N Waffles, and two Freedom of Espresso stores. On LinkedIn, Jill hadn't previously heard of Kubal, and Bob pointed out […]

5 Places to Bring Colleagues and Clients in the Syracuse Area

After my post last week about coffee shops to work at in the Syracuse area, Jill asked if I'd write a post about places to bring colleagues and clients: So here we are. 1. Freedom of Espresso, Franklin Square. OK, this was on my coffee shop list, too, but that makes sense, right? I sort […]