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Episode 79: Hiatus; see you in April!
Episode 78: Vegas shooing, self-love and racquetball
Episode 77: More oomph in your day, more love in your week
Episode 76: Culture vs. politics, and a new year refresh
Episode 75: Gratitude, racism and free bananas
Episode 74: Of hurricanes and immigrants
Episode 73: Show some love today
Episode 72: Family eclipses politics (with or without the commas)
Episode 71: Your racist friend. Plus: team people
Episode 70: Immortality, nukes and Trump chicken
Episode 69: The Mooch, the muse and showing up
Episode 68: Health care! Creativity! Routines!
Episode 67: Frogs, health care and Dudesons
Episode 66: What we're reading
Episode 65: And we're still talking about intellectualism and discourse (sigh)
Episode 64: Health care, jury duty and the American Prohibition Museum
Episode 63: Find that one thing — a conversation with Jeffrey Sass
Episode 62: On compassion and love
Episode 61: Balance and being in the world
Episode 60: Kaua'i oddities, plus love > fear + anger
Episode 59: No one gets out of this life alive
Episode 58: Hiroo Onoda and the art of purpose
Episode 57: On a chair in the sky
Episode 56: 100 days and "Iko"
Episode 55: Shortcuts
Episode 54: Mistakes, bad guys and Bill O'Reilly; plus, March for Science
Episode 53: Thanks for a year; plus baseball, health care and the flu; Passover and the Luv Guv
Episode 52: Talkin' Baseball
Episode 51: Language, AHCA and no apologies
Episode 50: Telling stories
Episode 49: St. Patrick's Day in Savannah
Episode 48: There is not a finite amount of awesome in the world
Episode 47: Our crazy brains
Episode 46: The repressive/regressive left, Milo, art and superheroes
Episode 45: Chillin
Episode 44: Presence
Episode 43: Participate
Episode 42: Now we know
Episode 41: Stay Vigilant
Episode 40: Black helicopters
Episode 39: Ethics, facts, nuance and where we need to get
BONUS episode! Getting silly with Jenny Shear and Kelvin Ringold
Episode 38: Chris Malone returns
Episode 37: Alison Donaghy
Episode 36: Ash Said It!
Episode 35: Maximiliano Campos
Episode 34: Time keeps on tickin'
Episode 33: Happy Thanksgiving
Episode 32: A Bill of Rights problem. Plus: Creativity, fear and hard work
Episode 31: Parsing the election
Episode 30: Running, voting and rambling
Episode 29: Empathy
Episode 28: Peaceful transfer
Episode 27: Hurricanes Blow
Episode 26: Debate talk (sigh) and Hurricanes
Episode 25: Dan Lovell (Part 3 of 3)
Episode 24: Dan Lovell (Part 2 of 3)
Episode 23: Dan Lovell (Part 1 of 3)
Episode 22: Chris Malone
Episode 21: Back in the 912! With beer!
Episode 20: 2016 goals check-in
Episode 19: Time out
Episode 18: A monologue about dialogue
Episode 17: Nothing is irreversible (well, almost)
Episode 16: A Viable Third Party By 2020?
Episode 15: #FreeMilo, flag-burning, the RNC, intellectual property and more
Episode 14: Here come the conventions!
Episode 13: Declaring Independence
Episode 12: Hello, Birmingham. Plus: Kids shooting kids (again)
Episode 11: Halfway to
Episode 10: Get on team people, and maybe pontificate less
Episode 9: Setting the agenda, plus a new podcast
Episode 8: Books, the media do their job and how you can help the show
Episode 7: Gun Control and Summer Beers
Episode 6: American Cockroach Awareness Week
Episode 5: Kelvin Ringold stops by
Episode 4: On running, neighborhood improvement and Trump's army of bullies
Episode 3: On revolution and creating
Episode 2: Of Earthquakes and Gardens
Episode 1: Impossible
Episode 0: Introductions

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