Introducing the Big MacCruiser

Y'all know how I love things that use less gas. Like bikes and feet and that sort of thing. So why not vegetable oil?

Yes, the thought of McDonald's signs on local police cars gives me the runs, but hey, if they're going to run Manila's fleet on used cooking oil, well, why not?

I find it interesting that most of the comments on the article are U.S.-focused; they're right-leaning because of the conservative source.

To tell you the truth, though, I am more than happy to have air that smells like burnt potatoes (can't be any worse than Onondaga Lake on a bad day – where the heck is Honeywell with our clean-up?) in exchange for running cars that rack up a lot of mileage on an alternative fuel source, especially one that's in abundance.

The Andrea Doria

Photo by Josh Shear for

Back in June, I interviewed a local rock band called The Andrea Doria.

The band was about to embark on their first concert tour in a van they converted to vegetable oil, using a kit they bought at They paid about $1,400 for the kit, and their bassist installed the fuel lines, so they didn't have to pay for it.

I caught up with them again last night after they came back from tour. The van broke down, thanks to trying to haul six people and a whole bunch of gear on 12-hour drives through the southern heat. It appears the breakdown had nothing to do with the veggie-oil-as-fuel, though, so that's good.

They also learned the hard way what a lot of artists learn the hard way: Book with a map (ahem, Seth?). Just because you can drive 12 hours in a day doesn't mean you want to play a show, break down, get in the van, drive to the next place, and get 2 hours of sleep before you're back on stage.

I put together a slideshow of photos from their rehearsal last night, and you can check out all the videos and such here.