On ritual

We said our farewells to Fritz over the weekend. I don't expect you'll go read through his obituary, so I'll give you the gist. Fred Mills, "Father Fritz" to his flock, was a reverend, a weightlifter, a hiker, and a Red Sox fan (a die-hard fan — literally — there was a Red Sox logo […]

In defense of baseball

American football is, without a doubt, the biggest money-making sport there is. Auto racing is among the most popular. Soccer – or football to the rest of the non-American world – is another of the most popular. But people seem to have something against baseball. It's not just some people; it's a lot of them. […]

What would baseball fans do without newspapers?

When The Rocky Mountain News and Seattle Post-Intelligencer ceased their print editions, something happened that wasn't evident to either the save-the-newspaper or the dude-the-Web's-great crowd: fans of the Colorado Rockies and Seattle Mariners both lost local places to study box scores. When I moved to Syracuse, I not only arrived in a town which places […]