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CNY Speaks: Third forum

I've written about the first two CNY Speaks forums, but wanted to add a few thoughts about the third, and (for now) final forum, which took place Tuesday. Post-Standard Civic Engagement Editor Greg Munno gives a quick overview of what was discussed during the forums in today's paper, but there are some more notes that […]


CNY Speaks: Second forum

I wrote yesterday about the first CNY Speaks forum Thursday, and then I went off to the second incarnation Sunday afternoon. I'm starting to see these forums as interesting, necessary evils. Don't get me wrong – just like the first one, there were a lot of interesting people with tons of good ideas in the […]

CNY Speaks

The local newspaper, The Post-Standard, several months ago appointed Greg Munno to the position of Civic Engagement editor. His first task was to launch a blog called CNY Speaks. His second task was to create a series of public forums to discover what people felt would help improve downtown. The first of the three forums […]