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Foursquare as a travel journal

Some of you know my back and forth with Foursquare as a tool. Foursquare isn't going away, so I may as well embrace it – and my guess is that long-ish service outage we saw Sunday morning means they're getting their ducks in a row for some major funding, either in terms of a purchase […]


Connecting on multiple platforms, or why I’m no longer reading your updates

If you move your eyes to the right, you'll see a box labeled "Connect." It's under the search box, next to my mug over there. While you may not have a Delicious account, there's a reasonable chance you have a Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account. Even all three. And possibly Foursquare, too. I use those […]

Foursquare in a small town

We spent the weekend in the Coxsackie, NY, area. It's about 20 miles south of Albany, but you'd never know it from looking around. And I have to use that "area" there, because the wedding was in West Coxsackie, the reception was in Coxsackie, and I'm still not sure whether the hotel was in West […]

My brief chilly romance with Foursquare

You may have heard about Foursquare by now. Heck, you may be using it. Or you may be surprised (or annoyed) in your Twitter stream or your Facebook news feed that people are telling you where they are all the freaking time. I was asked about it at work, and as the social media guy, […]