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What’s wrong with online reading (question mark or period, you decide)

This is the 500th post on this blog (for those of you who have been with me online for a while, you know I've had a few blogs and this is more like the 1500th post I've written, but it's an interesting enough milestone for this specific post, I think). Settle in. If (big if, […]


Redesigning newspapers

Take five minutes to watch this presentation. Thanks to Susan Hall (Twitter) for passing it along. First let me say that that newspaper is gorgeous. Decorate-your-wall gorgeous. And if you transfer those infographics to the web, they'd kill on digg. And yes, I'd probably buy it with some sort of consistency, because I like pretty […]

The truth: The Internet is a great big rumor mill

I tend to check Google Trends in the morning. It's one of the things I do in terms of a morning coffee ritual when I get to work. For those not familiar, it's a list of the things people are searching for on Google; typically it's updated every hour or so, but sometimes it goes […]

What would baseball fans do without newspapers?

When The Rocky Mountain News and Seattle Post-Intelligencer ceased their print editions, something happened that wasn't evident to either the save-the-newspaper or the dude-the-Web's-great crowd: fans of the Colorado Rockies and Seattle Mariners both lost local places to study box scores. When I moved to Syracuse, I not only arrived in a town which places […]

Newspapers in Q1 2009: Full-circle

My first post on newspapers in 2009 went like this: I was horrified to find out yesterday that at least one Connecticut lawmaker is considering a government bailout of a newspaper. I'm still horrified by this prospect for the same reason: How can a newspaper impartially (read: critically) report on the government that funds it? […]

Newspaper crisis hits home

I can't imagine that you've missed the news about the state of the newspaper industry. If you have, go spend three days reading about it, and talk to me when you've left the corner you've been rocking in. Colorado's oldest paper, The Rocky Mountain News – which was actually launched in the Kansas Territory, before […]

Just for fun. Media-geek style.

With thanks to Alana Taylor for pointing it out.

Newspapers or newsprint, which is in deeper doodoo?

The video that used to be above but was taken down by the user was essentially this piece from TJ Sullivan offering a really bad idea on how to save newspapers. Sullivan says that from July 4 to July 10 this year, papers should stop offering free content online by blacking out their Web sites. […]

It’s not all enterprise reporting (or, why I’m not ready to pay for newspapers online, yet)

Most people who write about the industry aren't declaring newspapers dead yet, but some are starting to give them one last crack on the noggin toward that end. The latest bigger-city bad news is that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer will stop printing in five weeks if no one buys it, and may consider an online-only publication, […]

More on newspapers and the Web in 2009. Plus: adult personals?

Wish I had seen Adam Reilly's post on dailies in The Phoenix (via Romenesko/Poynter before I wrote my screed this morning. Reilly touches on some of the same stuff I do: the Christian Science Monitor and the Detroit papers as signs of the times. The future of papers being good reporting on the Web. Collaboration. […]