Can we talk equality for a minute?

trouver une prostituée a lille see I get ambivalent about participating in Blog Action Day most years, because, while I always think it's relevant to the world, the topic isn't typically something I'm passionate about. But I can say something about equality. It's a topic I've

The Right to Free Speech, the Right to Publicity and Dr. Laura

rencontre lapin rose Chances are if you're reading this, you don't live under a rock. Which means you already know that recently, conservative radio host Dr. Laura took a call from someone who wanted advice on handling a racist friend of her husband's.

Saturday Night Fever

la rencontre amoureuse fle link I finally saw Saturday Night Fever, and was surprised to find that while the music and dancing certainly played a central role in the film, the movie was so much more about class, race, religion and sex in the 1970s