Stop looking for the next thing

I’ve been getting hit over the head with this lately, mostly thanks to Duncan Trussell.

“Do what you’re doing, shut the fuck up and enjoy it,” Michael Donovan tells himself on Trussell’s podcast, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour.

Trussell also recently had Onnit‘s Aubrey Marcus on the show. Marcus is someone who has built a business that was initially basically a supplement store, then added fitness equipment, then a training program and now a gym. He hasn’t grown the business because he wanted to build a bigger business. He’s grown it because he enjoyed doing these things, and he built a business around what he enjoyed doing.

Kyle Eschenroeder wants us to slow down, skip the life hacking and do things to completion. Listen to him on the Art of Manliness podcast discussing philosophy, entrepreneurship and enjoying the process.

Don’t worry about what’s coming up, or what you do next, or how to take care of the thing you’re working on in the quickest manner possible. Just focus on what you have going on, and keep it steady.



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