Perspective: When things get weird, how weird are you willing to get?

In the film “Men in Black II,” there’s a scene involving some other-worldly residents of a locker at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. It’s under two minutes long; give it a watch:

It’s a beautiful takedown of organized religion. The inhabitants switch their allegiance to a deity when one giant comer takes away his material gift and the other giant comer gives a new material gift. The inhabitants have also built their moral code around the words printed on the business card of a video rental place, complete with a large adult section in the back.

In the context of the movie, though, it’s a setup to a callback at the end. Will Smith’s character, J, has lost the girl (who had to fly away to her home planet — and don’t you get mad at me for spoiling the ending of an 18-year-old movie), and his partner, K, played by Tommy Lee Jones, has brought the locker inhabitants from Grand Central over to the locker room at Men in Black headquarters, to give J a boost.

J declares that they really should allow those tiny critters to know there’s a bigger world out there than that which they know and are happy with, but K hits him with a reminder that we don’t know anything (watch this even shorter clip):

What a weird year 2020 has been, so far. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we were to find that door that K kicks open.

But here’s a question: If we find the door to our locker, are you in the first group out to explore the larger world, or are you happy in the locker?


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