Hey there. I’m Josh. I live in Savannah, Georgia, after being raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, and later spending 11 years in Syracuse, New York. Yes, all the metro areas I’ve lived in start with S, like my last name.

I believe people are better when we’re kinder to each other. I believe we are all works in progress.

I think things through as best I can. I try to make my words count.

My training is in journalism. My favorite aspect of the field is the responsibility to present as much information as possible in as simple terms as I can without detracting from the importance of the data. I excel in explicating difficult subjects and dense statistics.

I’m a Freemason. I knocked on the fraternity’s door in a search for the deeper meanings in the objects and symbols around me, and I’ve found not only that but also fellowship and a drive for continuous self-improvement.

I hope you enjoy your time on my site, but more importantly, I hope you learn something. Most of the things I write or podcast about are attempts to learn them myself, and to share that process with you.

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