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Kelvin and I join Peter Snauwart on the What’s On Your Mind? podcast, to talk creativity, being of service, and the difference between Belgium and the UK (it’s a joke, kind of).



I talk to Peter Serefine on the Liberty Lighthouse podcast about the suspension of some of our rights during the CoVID-19 quarantine of 2020 in the U.S., and whether we will give up some of those rights when the dangers from the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus pass.



Adam Solender discusses my Food for Thought in the July-August 2018 edition of The Savannah Jewish News (p. 3)



The Savannah Jewish News asks me four questions in the September 2017 issue (p. 21)



I talk to the guys at Cesspool about politics and travel and stuff:



I talk to Ryan Singer about Freemasonry on Me & Paranormal You:


“Everything orange is funny and the signs for Alien Fresh Jerky are the most normal thing on the road into Baker, but the store’s closed as you drive through and there’s no place for dinner on the strip so you just keep driving, wondering why someone called this Zzyzzx Road and why there’s a whole exit for it.”

Read “Awake in L.A.,” a Terrain.org nonfiction finalist



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