Josh: The Podcast, Episode 15: Flag-burning, intellectual property and #FreeMilo

The world feels a little strange this week — I've been immersed in coverage of the Republican National Convention, to the point where it almost seems like everyday life when it's clearly a circus. My work shifts have been strange this week, which means I'm not rested at all; instead I've been trying to regulate my energy with a combination of running and meditation. The air conditioning has been out much of the week, which makes for grumpy Josh on top of the mixed realities.

Josh: The Podcast, Episode 14: Here come the conventions!

The time we next speak, it'll be nominating day for Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, and we'll be just days away from the Democratic National Convention. Do the conventions matter? What's it going to be like in the wake of all the violence the past couple of weeks, particularly in Cleveland — where officers have been involved in a couple of highly-criticized shooting deaths recently and with Ohio being an open carry state?